Freddy Ray

Freddy has been tattooing in the Fort Wayne area for over 10 years and has deep ties to the community.
He came to tattooing through an unusual set of circumstances as a result of his full-time job with the City of Fort Wayne and is always willing to share the story of his journey with his clients. Freddy specializes in graphic imagery and intricately detailed tattoos. He is especially fond of designing custom tattoos to provide his clients with a one of a kind piece of art.

Bryce Moodie

Bryce Moodie, a black and gray realism specialist, has been tattooing for 4 years in Fort Wayne. He comes to The Gypsy Vault from Ryan Hadley Studios and is doing exceptional work! Besides being an avid Harry Potter fan, he enjoys cocktails at The Golden and long walks at sunset. Truly the nicest dude and a great candidate to design your next tattoo!