A collaboration of talent and vision.

The Gypsy Vault was created by Freddy Ray and Ricco Diamante as a private, appointment only tattoo parlour and art gallery.
Their goal was to create a welcoming and relaxing environment to provide their clients with the most memorable and enjoyable tattooing experience possible. The Gypsy Vault was recently moved to the Historic PBI Building due to a downtown improvement project. The space was chosen for its historic environment and central location.

An elegant and unique space

The Gypsy Vault was originally located in the remains of a Prohibition Era speakeasy that had been masterfully renovated. The vault itself, which has been moved to the PBI Building, is still a mystery that leaves us wondering as to its original use. Was it used to store vast sums of money collected by bootleggers or was it an escape route into the building next door? We may never know the answer, but we do know what we'll be using it for at the new space!

Looking to the past to inspire our future.

Freddy envisioned The Gypsy Vault as more than a tattoo shop. He sees The Gypsy Vault as a space to promote artists from the community of Fort Wayne and the larger community of tattooers and street artists throughout the world. The inspiration provided by the alluring history of the old buildings is a driving force behind his push to take tattoo culture to the next level.